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Aaditya Turmeric

Turmeric trade

Turmeric has always been known as Indian saffron and its medicinal, religious & culinary properties have made it an integral part of every Indian cuisine. Since the turmeric sourced in India contains high levels of oleoresin and curcumin, it is considered the best in the world. Turmeric from India is exported to many parts of the world.

Preference for turmeric type varies for different consumer segments. For instance, households and institutions prefer turmeric to be powdered, the FMCG segment prefers it in the dry & oleoresin type, while the Health Care sector prefers turmeric in the oleoresin form.

16 different regional types of turmeric are traded in the country. Among the more popular ones, are:

  • Keralas Aleppey Finger
  • The Erode Finger from Tamil Nadu
  • Rajapuri Turmeric from Sangli, Maharashtra
  • Nizamabad and Cuduppah Turmeric from Andhra Pradesh

Aaditya Whole Turmeric is available in different forms such as:

  • Sliced turmeric
  • Polished turmeric
  • Unpolished turmeric
  • Polished bulb and finger
  • Mother turmeric, used mainly for oleoresin manufacture

The product varieties of Aaditya Powder Turmeric include:

  • Hybrid turmeric powder (> 3.5% curcumin)
  • Hybrid turmeric powder (> 3% curcumin)
  • Hybrid turmeric powder (> 2% curcumin)
  • Hybrid turmeric powder (> 1.5% curcumin)
  • Salem turmeric powder
  • Erode turmeric powder
  • Turmerc Powder to suit the buyers specifications.