Myth 1

Turmeric Is Just A Spice

Turmeric is more than just a spice. It comes with flavoring and coloring compounds that impart a rich aroma. In fact, turmeric has some medicinal properties, which help to treat many health conditions. It can treat stomach and liver problems. Also, it can help with the treatment of diabetes and arthritis.

Myth 2

Turmeric’s Major Anti Inflammatory Component Is Curcumin

This is just a myth. Recent studies have shown that many other compounds in turmeric have shown similar anti-inflammatory properties. But since curcumin remains the most researched component of this golden spice, other compounds with anti-inflammatory properties didn’t earn the limelight. Over the last few years, curcumin has shown to treat inflammatory conditions in patients suffering from cancer, arthritis, bowel disease, gastritis, etc.

Myth 3

Turmeric Has An Astringent, Bitter Taste That Makes Cooking Difficult

Turmeric has a bitter taste but it doesn’t contain any form of astringent in it. This makes it easy to pair turmeric with other Indian spices, which would eventually balance out the negative qualities and bring out the positive qualities of turmeric, i.e. strong flavor. For instance, turmeric is often present as an ingredient in Chai Mix or Immunity Drink Mix for imparting an unique flavor.

Myth 4

Turmeric Is Best If Used Raw

This myth associated with turmeric needs to be debunked. Whether you are having raw or dried turmeric, it would offer an equal amount of benefits both at health and culinary level.
Although the fresh turmeric might taste less bitter, in comparison to its dried version. But this does not mean that dried turmeric is not useful or has any value. The dried version is used to make turmeric powder which is widely available across the grocery stores.

Myth 5

Health Benefits Of Turmeric Is Obtained Only Through Curcumin Supplements

People who hold this kind of notion are completely wrong. Even in our ancient tradition, such as in Ayurveda, herbs were consumed along with food. Now, herbs and spices are a part of our normal diet but should be taken in moderation. So, consuming large amounts of curcumin supplements might have some adverse impact on a person’s health. Hence, curcumin supplements should be taken after consulting health professionals. However, consuming raw turmeric can also provide the same benefits as curcumin supplements.

Myth 6

All Turmeric Is Created Equal

Visit any grocery store and you will find multiple variants of ground turmeric on the shelves. Wait a second! Don’t think that all ground turmeric stands equal. Based on the cultivars, some turmeric will come with a high amount of curcumin content; whereas, some would have low amounts of curcumin in them. Also, the turmeric quality would vary depending on whether it was organically grown or non-organically. Similarly, if any pesticides were used during the harvesting process.

Myth 7

urcumin Is The Beneficial Part Of Turmeric

Curcumin (the active compound in turmeric) indeed comes with lots of benefits, but there’s more to it. Well, turmeric contains many other impressive compounds, like flavonoids and beta-carotene, which plays a part in offering beneficial anti-inflammatory response and antioxidant effects.

Myth 8

Turmeric Offers No Benefits Without Black Pepper

This myth stems from the fact that the bioavailability of turmeric is reduced when taken in the form of supplements. So, the case would be the same for raw turmeric. However, if turmeric is paired with piperine, another important nutrient of black pepper, the absorption rate in the body greatly increases. But this is just a myth. Even if a person pairs this golden spice with healthy fat, such as milk, turmeric’s bioavailability gets boosted.

Myth 9

Turmeric Stains The Teeth

It’s baseless. The bright yellow-colored spice might stain a wooden spatula or your nails, but it won’t stain your teeth. In fact, health and beauty experts recommend people use turmeric for whitening their teeth. Turmeric is considered a natural whitener. Hence, they are far better than chemical whiteners.

Myth 10

Consuming Huge Amount Of Turmeric Will Only Provide Benefits

Plenty of studies available across the web are on curcumin. However, other compounds of turmeric have either been neglected or overlooked. But those compounds offer the same amount of benefits as curcumin.
This doesn’t mean one would need to consume extensive amounts of turmeric in a day. Even a small amount, such as ½ to 1 tsp of turmeric would offer the same level of benefits. Also, whether one is having powdered or dried form of turmeric, the benefits remain the same.